Villa "Guisguey"
Guisguey - Fuerteventura

Ref: 1984

400 m2 int.
5407 m2 ext.

The essential value of this property lies in the immediate feeling that overwhelms us upon entering: "I am at home."

This feeling is not born of chance, nothing is left to chance, but it is the fruit of professional studies carried out by geobiologists and experts in feng shui for the perfect location and angulation and fusing them with the respect for Nature, the bioconstruction, the admiration for Mies van der Rohe and the sensitivity for the golden ratio. Combining proportion and simplicity, we look for what Heidegger calls "the immeasurable force of the simple".

The property is located a few kilometers from the island's nerve center, specifically in its parallel valley, covered by a Landscape Protection Plan, sheltered by the North, surrounded by topsails and bathed by the sea breeze.

For its construction has been cut, under the supervision of a bridge engineer, "a slice of orange on the mountain", thus reducing the visual impact on the landscape to create a surface in the shape of Nautilus, where the retaining wall forms the spine of the Nautilus, the kitchen the head and the house hugs the pool. The distribution and measurement of the rooms seeks the golden ratio creating the feeling of harmony.

For the construction of the house all the best materials have been meticulously chosen, not sparing neither in quality nor in the effort of making them arrive on the island.

The house has been built in termoarcilla, a ceramic block of low density and specific geometrical structure that provide thermal, acoustic, and fireproofing as well as the bio advantages of absence of toxicity and hypoallergenicity.

The roofs of both the main building and the attic are green roofs, stratified in layers, equipped with irrigation and passable that allow for the planting of native or even cultivated plants and that help the thermal maintenance both in summer and winter and increase the durability of the roofing.

For the maximum enjoyment of Fuerteventura's treasure, light, long sliding windows have been distributed throughout all the rooms, equipped with the lastest generation German fittings that allow for easy opening in both directions to create open and continuous spaces between the inside and outside. These climaTAC plus enclosures are made of Swedish laminated pine from sustainable forests with bio treatments.

Many tilt-and-turn and lucernary windows complete the luminosity.

The interior doors are all of solid iroko as well as the main door of the entrance, a double door in the shape of a spike made with care by hand by expert carpenters of the island.

The floor, with the exception of wet areas, is solid oak with natur provital finish treatment arrived from Austrian sustainable forests (Weitzer Parkett) and has antiallergic, bacteriostatic, antistatic and breathable guarantee.

Both the main facade and the loft are protected against excessive insulation, wind and rain by 200 square meters of pergola, finished with thermochip sandwich panels, which give structure, strength and impermeability, all of which are passable by the upper part.

The pool, automated maintenance, allows its use as a swimming lane thanks to its 16 meters in length. Its wide steps facilitate entry and constitute surfaces for water aerobics. It is surrounded by more than 400 meters of solid iroko flooring, especially for exteriors, and treated with natural oils.

Part of the platform serves as a roof and the retaining wall of the wall pool for the lower floor porch, from where you can enjoy the xerophilous garden of more than 1,400 square meters; excellent observatory for migratory and raptor birds.

The house has an entrance hall that opens into a large living room where there is an aesthetic floating staircase embedded in the wall to access the loft: a bedroom with an iroko wood porch connected to the green roof.

The living room expands and communicates to the outside with the pool and the interior patio, a secluded and cozy seclusion with a beautiful table and automated irrigation for plants to enjoy unforgettable meals and evenings.

From the living room you can access the kitchen where you have breakfast every morning watching the sunrise over the sea. The kitchen has an annex that fulfills the functions of a pantry and a utility area.

The living room also gives access to the area of ​​the bedrooms distributed along a corridor that offers a large storage area. Each of the bedrooms has an independent dressing room and a bathroom with Roca toilets and Grohe high-end taps. The bathroom in the master bedroom also has a whirlpool bathtub of apparently domestic faction but professional features, Karmine (Roca), of which there are only three in the entire Canary archipelago.

Both bedrooms have independent access to the pool.

The living room also gives way to a fourth bedroom with a full bathroom and direct access to the interior patio, which allows to implement its luminosity and useful surface.

The pampered furniture of the whole house has exclusive pieces (Roche Bobois) made with noble materials and timeless design that gains value over time.

A very useful service is the direct communication between the living room and the garage, equipped with space for two cars with automated doors.

The garage gives way to the small secret place of maximum privacy: the interior garden. Protected by the wide wall and the facade of the house is a garden of olive trees, fig trees, almonds and cherry trees from Suriname, where you can enjoy absolute silence. This garden connects to the pool through the outside shower area.

Complete this housing system is a habitable underground bunker, which can also be used as a winery of the best wines.

The property has a water tank connected to the network with independence for two weeks and a biological water recycling system connected to an automated garden irrigation system.

This property does not compete in the league of luxury villas to use. Its luxury lies in the honest quality of the materials combined with harmony: a sober and enduring luxury.

Energy certificate

The energy certificate of this property is: D

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